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    Looking at getting a GS5 and a guy in my area posted an ad selling a brand new white verizon version. He says it has an unlocked boot loader yet it is brand new. I emailed him asking if he meant sim unlocked as opposed to unlocked boot loader and he replied back and said sim unlocked but then replied back again a few minutes later and said they are both unlocked. Is that even possible on a new device from verizon? Since the dev edition is black I know it's not a dev edition. I'm guessing this guy just doesn't know what he's talking about right? Don't want to buy this and get scammed. He says it's brand new and he had pics in his ad. I am not interested in rooting so don't really need an unlocked boot loader. Is there a way for me to tell if the boot loader is unlocked and if it has been rooted? If I call to verify the ESN is clean would verizon be able to tell me? Thanks for any advice you guys might have. It's a good price and I'm ready to jump on it, just not ready to get ripped off.
    06-20-2014 12:22 AM
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    I suggest you assume that it is just an unlocked phone that you can use on any carrier.

    ATT/Verizon - Towelroot was just introduced a couple days ago, but even that does not unlock the bootloader. It just allows you to have root access.

    If you are not concerned with it actually being totally rooted and it is a good price, buy it, after he proves it is working.
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    06-20-2014 01:58 AM
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    You might want to install this on the phone via WiFi or your own SIM card and check to verify that the KNOX counter is still zero.

    ★ 'Refurbishment Check'
    - Supports ALL Samsung models (formerly '[Note 3] Fake / Clone Detector').
    - 'Device Usage Counter'

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    06-20-2014 02:01 AM
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    T Mobile GS5 comes with bootloader unlocked. Model SM-G900T. I don't know if it's against forum rules to post another forum for proof but it is confirmed by Chainfire who made his CF-Auto-Root for the SM-G900T (T-Mobile US) Galaxy S 5. I take no credit whatsoever for this, just answering your question. With this root accomplished, we can confirm that the T-Mobile bootloader is UNLOCKED.
    09-24-2015 06:20 AM

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