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    If any of you have used Airdroid: It's a nifty little app, and does something that I haven't found any other app that would do, yet - it can go through my home WiFi and download files to my PC from the Galaxy 5, wirelessly, while it sits on the cordless charger or in my purse.

    But I wish I could change some settings in it. For one thing, when I access it using the web link: AirDroid
    it never remembers the directory I was in, on my S5, so I have to click back to the DCIM and Camera folders every time, which is tedious.

    THEN, when I download some jpg photo files, it puts them in a ZIPPED folder, which I don't WANT or NEED, and I have to copy them to another folder from there, and THEN take the Read-Only setting off them, so I can size them the way I want. ( tedious )

    Does anyone know if they have any settings that can preset all that, the way I want? Remember the folder it was in, NOT download as ZIPPED, and NOT as Read-Only?
    06-25-2014 07:07 PM

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