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    Hello guys,got my Galaxy S5 a couple of days ago and i'm really excited.The only problem i came across is this.I paired the phone with my car's bluetooth unit which is Parrot MKi9100.Thing is that im used to my previous phone (iphone 4S) cutting off radio music and giving me gps vocal directions through the car's speakers and then resuming music.Worked like a charm.Just what i wanted!Now,i can't make that happen with my S5.I went to BT settings and uncheck media but still...no good.Some times it gives out some voice directions but most of the times it doesn't.When it does speak out the radio won't resume.Moreover,the bt unit is showing that it's on an endless phone call just waiting for the next voice direction to pop up.Anyone got any ideas?It's too bad to have this awesome phone and not being able to make it work with my BT which i use everyday due to my work.Ty all in advance!
    06-30-2014 11:54 AM

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