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    It randomly switches to typing the first letter in capital and may do this frequently, causing me to spam the caps button the make sure everything is lower case. This has happened since I got the phone. Before the new update ( I believe ).

    It Types Like This.

    Would a new keyboard app fix this, I hear swift key is a popular choice.


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    07-05-2014 11:22 AM
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    I'm not sure why it would do this and yes a new keyboard may solve this issue, it would depend on why it's happening.

    Let's take a few to see if there is a different solution that will allow you to continue to use the stock keyboard.
    First are you swiping the keyboard or typing? If you are swiping could it be that you are holding the first letter too long before moving on to the others. I could see something like this causing your random effect. Because let's say you know the swipe for 'the' and 'house' really well but 'pumpkin' and 'like' you think about a little as you swipe. This may be more obvious if it is often the same words that are being capitalized.

    If you are typing and this is happening does it happen more in landscape or portrait, or is it the same? With this I'm thinking that you could be accidentally hitting the shift key due to hand position. Which brings up my next question, you say you are spamming the shift key to make sure you are in lower case. Do you mean that you are touching it or just looking at it, does it show the upper case indicator when this is happening? Even with my limited experience with stock keyboards the letter size changes when upper case or lower case is selected. Are the keys changing to give you any indication of what you are about to type?

    Lastly, and I'm sure you have but I must ask, have you looked at the settings for that keyboard just to see if there is anything that could be causing it?
    I cannot think of a setting that would capitalize the first letter of each word randomly as you describe but perhaps there is a setting that I'm not thinking of. Which leads into something you may try which would be to look at your personal dictionary in the keyboard settings. If some or all of the words you are having issues with appear in your personal dictionary try deleting them and see if that clears up the problem. I cannot think of a reason that it would be trying to build a personal dictionary list from everyday words, but I suppose it is possible. One other thing you may try, more as a let's see than anything else is, if you type a word as the first word of a sentence, let's say 'My', and touch that word in the suggestion bar it should try to guess what your next word will be. So if you do this and keep touching random words in the suggestion bar do any of those words show up as capitalized either in the bar or more importantly in the text box when not shown as capital in the bar?
    07-05-2014 12:22 PM

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