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    I'm a new S5 owner as of a week ago and have been struggling with a few issues. I'm not new to android by any means as I previously had an S3 and Motorola Xoom that I rooted and ran CM10 on. I've done a bit of research into solutions for my issues, but haven't had much luck.

    Anyway, it seems that there are a lot of unusual delays on the S5, amongst other issues. It's running stock 4.4.2 but rooted to get the SD card functionality back. I used Helium to transfer my apps and associated settings from my S3.


    1) I can't open PDFs from the notification bar after downloading them. Other file types seem to be ok, but tapping to open a PDF from the notification bar does nothing. I can, however, open them just fine when accessing through the downloads list app. The notification doesn't seem to go away properly, either. If I swipe it away it will continually reappear after some time unless I clear the download from the list. I've cleared the caches and data for the downloads app and download manager, but the issue remains following the next download.

    2) The case/cover notifications seem to be greatly delayed. I can unplug from the charger, then be prompted a half hour later to confirm that the charge cover is secured. I don't recall this happening before I restored apps through Helium.

    3) App defaults don't seem to be sticking. After setting a default action, I'm still prompted to pick an action next time, and the previously set defaults don't show in the app default listing.

    4) Text messages and emails often won't send or receive until after I restart. Syncing the email account will appear to result in no emails, but, after a restart, new emails will appear that should have been received hours before. Similarly, text messages will often not send until after a restart, and texts often won't be received until after the restart as well, even if they were sent by the sender a number of hours beforehand. I have cleared the cache in both apps, but not the data as I didn't want to lose the content (particularly SMS content that was restored).

    5) The camera is often very slow to open and take pictures. I have the image stabilization turned off, but this doesn't seem to make a difference and the camera app is significantly slower to both open and operate when compared to the stock camera app on my S3.

    6) The lock screen often appears frozen when turning the screen on. The normal animation of the fingerprint scan route doesn't always animate, and the phone cannot be unlocked.

    I've tried using both the dalvik and ART runtimes, but the problems don't seem to be related and exist in both configurations. I can't help but wonder if it's related to the Helium restore process. Now that I'm rooted I'll be using Titanium backup pro, but couldn't for the initial transfer from my unrooted S3.

    Anyway, I've tried clearing the Google framework services as this often fixed issues on my previous android devices, but it hasn't seemed to have made a difference.

    Any thoughts for any of the issues? I love the phone, but these little issues are killing me.
    07-09-2014 10:10 PM

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