1. Blahzee's Avatar
    I got the wireless charging back and a charging pad today and so far it works fairly well even though it takes longer to charge it went from 50% to 100% in 2 hours. Oh and both my cases dont fit with the back cover. Do any of you have this setup and how do you like it I'm not sure how I feel, maybe I'll return it? I just wish it had the same charging speed as the wired charger. If anyone knows of a wireless charging pad that charges at the same rate of the cable charger please tell me?
    07-15-2014 09:15 PM
  2. STARGATE's Avatar
    I think that's the way it is with all the wireless charging pads, at least from all the people that have the same set up.

    I wanted to go that route but at the end I didn't because I knew the phone wouldn't work with the cases. Ugh! 😡

    Sent From Another Galaxy
    07-15-2014 10:47 PM
  3. jleemess's Avatar
    I use the incipio dual pro case with the oem charging back and it works perfectly. I don't think wireless charging at the same speed as the cable is possible.

    Posted via Android Central App
    07-16-2014 02:00 AM

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