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    As per usual, I get the weirdest bugs/faults with my devices!

    Just got a new S5 32GB from Singapore (900F variant). Was on holiday there, and they don't have that version in Australia where I live. Anyway, I tested the heck out of the thing while I was there, as the warranty is only valid in Singapore, and I wanted to tease out any hardware faults early.

    When I was changing the SIM card once, I noticed that the system time had lagged a significant amount while the phone was off. In fact, if you turn it off and take out the battery for long enough, the time can change to several days in the past! To the best of my knowledge, modern phones, like PCs, keep accurate time even with the phone battery removed. I have confirmed this with my old S3, as well as other Samsung phones at the store.

    After several visits to the local service center in Singapore, I finally convinced them to change the mainboard. After the repair, the problem was still present.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Or can they test this? I keep the Auto time Update settings always off, and have done that for all my phones.

    Changing of the main board would seem to exclude a hardware issue, but then there were some questions as to whether the main board was actually replaced by the repair center. The online tracking of the repair order ended in 'unable to be done due to request cancelled', which made me *really* suspicious, and the IMEI and serial numbers remained the same. Have never dealt with Samsung in Singapore before, so not sure how things work there. That's another story though, I suppose...
    07-18-2014 12:34 PM

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