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    Hi ! How have you been doing? I was just thinking about setting the default storage from the Phone to SD card! Cause I'm playing lots of HIGH-SIZED games these days and I don't have the required memory. And when I changed the path of the game data, from phone memory to SD card(e.g:SDCARD/ANDROID/Obb) , the game does not recognize the data and asks for redownloading! Does anybody know that How can I change the default storge to SD card??! There was an option on my last Huawei phone in storage section.
    07-21-2014 07:49 AM
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    You say on your last device there was an option to change default storage to SD. What I've found is some apps will allow you to move their core to SD, which is an option I've used from the App Manager (Settings>Apps>All). In app you will sometimes be given the option to save to a location, depending on the app. I've even seen occasion when you can move a folder to a new location and the app is able to recall the data however this is rare in my experience.

    The only two things I can think of to try in your example is 1) move the apps core with the app manager, this could cause it to start saving to a location on the SD as a result. 2) Save the folder to the root of the SD, so it would look like SDCARD/Folder X. Because looking at your example I'm assuming that Obb is the game in question and you've saved the Obb in a folder.

    One other thing, and I'm sorry I can't check it right now, but check your Google Play settings and see if you can default new installs that allow move to SD to default to SD. I thought at one time when move to SD was picking up speed that was an option but I could be wrong.
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    07-21-2014 08:47 AM
  3. Parham Goudarzi's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately , you have to root your device be able to move games and apps data to SD with an app named gl?? . And, I don't want to not be able to update my device in future. So I can't do anything with that!

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    07-21-2014 09:34 AM
  4. VidJunky's Avatar
    I've never run low on space since 4.4 looking at the app manager tho it seems I don't have the option anymore. Of course I don't have an SD anymore either.
    07-21-2014 08:21 PM

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