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    I did try searching and have found some things that were not to helpful. I just got back from a trip and left my DSLR at home . I have an ATT S5 with a 128 gig memory card in it. It took photos fine for the first part of the trip then after using it to film the photos and videos after that appear to have problems. It does not appear to be a camera problem as I can still take pictures and save it to my phones memory, or the SD card (but it could be) as I can still take and save pictures to it now and it will save just fine. All the data from the photos appears to be there. Does anyone have an idea how to fix it or a program that might help (Free or Paid, Pref Mac but can work on Windows).


    Galaxy S5 Photo problems.-screen-shot-2014-07-25-12.23.40-pm.png
    Galaxy S5 Photo problems.-screen-shot-2014-07-25-12.23.54-pm.png
    Galaxy S5 Photo problems.-screenshot_2014-07-25-12-22-13.jpg
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    I added a link to one of the files hope someone knows how to help.
    07-25-2014 12:40 PM

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