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    This is the second time that I can recall that Google Services popped up a notification that it could not load. This was when I was trying to use Google Maps to locate an unknown address in an unknown city...

    Very aggravating, the phone became useless as a navigation device.

    GPS was working like a champ, my two different address locators zeroed right in and reported the Lat/Long but when they tried to download a map.... nada, just a blank screen with a blue dot "there you are clod" and the coordinates.

    When I got home, I fired up Kies 3 and restored "Location Services" back to day one. Lucky I made a full image copy back then when it all worked.

    Every thing is hokey dokey now, but it is a PITA when it happens.

    I thoughts are, that Google tried to do an update and something happened to interrupt that update.

    Your thoughts?

    07-25-2014 10:22 PM

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