1. jack trade's Avatar
    I have scoured the net for days trying to find the solution to this problem:

    what software on a Windows PC will allow me to access and manage music directly on my Samsung S5 via USB cable, and allow me to create and modify playlists directly on the Samsung S5?

    I gather Kies 2.X used to do it - but for some reason Samsung decided to remove that functionality from Kies 3.

    I also gather that there is a problem with the Android OS that you can't actually access and manage music, and create playlists via USB.

    I am being naive and kinda incredulous about both scenarios and hoping you guys have a solution! Apologies if solution posted elsewhere - I did a search could not find anything.
    08-02-2014 11:34 PM
  2. jack trade's Avatar
    I've confirmed with samsung about this - their reasoning is that it offers a point of difference from apple and sony by making playlist management unavailable via Kies.
    Totally bizarre explanation and behaviour for such a basic function from a big company!
    Is there a product that would enable music and playlist management from PC for the Samsung S5?
    08-05-2014 03:22 AM
  3. jack trade's Avatar
    ok - it's wondershare mobilego for android - it offers basic management functionality including playlists and a lot of other stuff that you would expect. it takes a while to work through the usb debugging etc.
    it's payware though - not like itunes or apps for sony phones.
    Many years ago I had a samsung crt monitor (yes that long ago) that was kaput within 2 days of getting it - i swore I would never get a samsung anything again at that time. I thought that after so many years and the predominance of their company that they would have improve quality and client service and after being locked into an apple universe for so long that I would give samsung another chance.
    But no - it seems that they have turned their inferior offering as a badge of honour - and proud to declare it a point of difference to others on the market.
    Sorry for the rant - I just find it weird that the ability to create and manage playlists is happily not offered and apparently not an issue ... for anyone!
    What next for samsung? Disc players without fast forward buttons? TVs without quick views? Cameras without autofocus? Microwave ovens without timers? MP3 players without playlists? ... oh yeah
    08-05-2014 05:04 AM

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