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    I cant believe it! I had an s4 that had the very same fault it would come up with error message saying cant read sim please reboot. it was the 3rd fault in under 7months of purchase so samsung called me and offered me the s5 cause I was so over all the drama with samsung phone having issus 1st was fat battery 2nd fault was mic not working properly sounding like underwater altho hands free mic was fine. so 3rd fault was this not reading sim thing.

    OMG so now the new s5 they gave me is having the same fault ive only had it for maybe 2 months. I am at my witts end. does anyone else with a Samsung galaxy s5 have this issue? I am keen to see how many people are getting this fault on thew s5.

    Honestly I am ready to move to another brand.....
    my samesungs spend more time in the repare shop than do do working in my hand.
    08-04-2014 04:00 AM

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