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    I can't post a link on here yet, but if you go to my youtube channel, Callaknits, and watch the Filter - Take a Picture video, around 5:55, you can see what happened. It fixed itself at the end. That's the first time it happened. I thought maybe it was only the screen and after uploading to youtube, it wouldn't be there, but it is. I did have it freeze up taking a video at the Def Leppard show and lost that video. Had to restart the phone to get anything to work again (although it wouldn't let me even do that for a few minutes). But I'm pretty sure that was from overheating. It was really hot out (I probably should have taken it out of the case too). I won't comment on the poor audio of the video, I already mentioned that elsewhere. I did take a couple more videos after this one that were fine.
    If you add the youtube.com to this link, it should take you to the video in question. /watch?v=Zc_HC6qW5gU
    08-04-2014 04:22 PM

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