1. tyrsis00's Avatar
    So, I swear that when I setup my S5, I had the option to Increase Volume in Pocket. I loved that feature on my S3 and was very happy to see it on my S5. However, I have been missing calls when the phone is in my pocket.....hmm. I went to check that option and I cannot find it anywhere! Anyone have this issue?
    08-08-2014 03:53 PM
  2. ABOSWORTH007's Avatar
    I don't think that feature is on the S5 but I could be wrong. If you can't find the setting, you can get the device to do what you're asking with this app. You could set it to increase volume to max whenever you lock the device or something like that. There are probably a few other ways you could get it to work with this as well.

    08-08-2014 04:05 PM

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