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    So the thing is today when I was holding my phone(I have a spigen case on (tough armor)), my sister accidentally hit my hand my phone hit the floor and when I picked it up I see a crack. I don't know if it's a crack on my tempered glass screen protector or the screen itself and I don't want to take the screen protector out. Is there anyway to check if it's the screen or screen protector that cracked without taking out the screen protector?

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    08-10-2014 01:59 AM
  2. shanghaichica's Avatar
    The only way to tell us if you take off the screen protector. That's happened to be a few times, where I've seen a mark on the screen protector and was worried that it might be the screen. I used to take it off just to check that it wasn't the screen. The last time it happened was with my S4, I didn't take it off and a few months later when I eventually took it off the screen was perfectly fine.

    Posted from my S5
    08-10-2014 04:48 AM
  3. AndrewTiong's Avatar
    Ok thanks for input.

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    08-10-2014 06:57 AM

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