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    I love the "Air Command"/S Pen Apps found on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The only problem is that I am getting the S5 due to the fact my carrier doesn't have the Note 3, only the S5. Is it possible to install "Active Memo" (like on the Note 3), on a Galaxy S5? If not, does anyone know of an app that does the same thing? I want to be able to hand write information that I can then draw a box around and have the option of saving to my contact list, or calendar, or task list just like Active Memo. I realize I can open up the individual apps for each of these items and do the same thing but I need a "one stop" app that allows me to take notes quickly and be able to select certain items from within the same notes page that can be saved in my task list, email, contacts, and so forth. Thank you so much for any suggestions
    08-12-2014 04:52 PM

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