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    After going round and round with Amazon, I now am stuck with a charger that is listed 5V / 2.1A that when measured by the S5 Galaxy app is 5V / .65A. Aside from a very slow charge is the charge safe. I have the same issue with the car charger that came as part of the Galaxy Essentials Kit from Amazon. The first round with Amazon had the chargers catch fire and melt. They returned my money but also sent this replacement.

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    Anyone !!!
    08-17-2014 02:00 PM
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    First, the lower charge rate is quite safe although obviously takes longer to charge the phone than you might like.

    2nd, I suggest that you install an internal wireless charger and not worry about charging any more.

    I am using this one:

    * Qi Standard Wireless Charger kit 'mine' for $18.99 and includes the Charger Pad

    and for a very reasonable price it has the charging pad with it. It has been in the phone now for about 4 months and never missed a beat at charging up the phone. I am using the original 2.1 amp Samsung charger module that came with the S5 phone to provide the power to the charging pad.

    You mention a car charger. I should think there shouldn't be too much need for that unless you are away from home for a very long time. I leave my phone on the wireless charging pad until I go out the door. That way it is always at 100 percent and ready for a long day's use.

    There are other ways to enjoy a long life battery away from home, if you are willing to switch the internet OFF when the phone is idle. I use MacroDroid to sense the screen status.

    When the screen is Locked, MacroDroid turns off the internet (DATA and WIFI )

    When I unlock the screen, MacroDroid turns it back ON again.

    I can go for days at a time w/o having to recharge the battery if need be. The phone at idle with go 24 hours on about 5% or less battery use.

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    08-17-2014 02:25 PM

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