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    Short Version: Took Samsung recent update, phone was in safe mode for some period of time, all pictures during that time period appear to have disappeared from existence. Details below. Pictures remain from after exiting safe mode.

    So I took the most recent Samsung update through Verizon that basically Caller Name ID, Message+, and Cloud etc. I took it on Thursday night. Friday we drove to go camping in a no service area and so I put the phone on airplane mode. Some where along the way it ended up in safe mode which I didn't even know existed until I looked it up on our way home. That being said I took a lot of great pics of the family and was able to review them at the campsite. When we left and I decided to use the drop down to exit safe mode and restart the phone all of my pictures from the when I took the update to after the restart DISAPPEARED! Pictures from before the update Thursday, and after the restart are all in the gallery. I searched memory card and phone folders. I even ran Recuva on the Memory card to look for deleted files. Nothing. They weren't all deleted, and not a single file on the memory card is updated for any of those days that I was camping. These were important memories I would like back. Does anyone know what happened? Or how to fix it?
    08-13-2014 05:38 PM

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