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    ok well i have a gs5 rooted it..messed with xposed..finally flashed a rom...its visix..well all was well until i messed with the dang rom list..it looks like you can just load your top 5..well ill tell you this..thats a no go..first off when your in a loop and it wont come on...wont do anything..well this is where safestrap works...i am releasing 2 vids tonight on the fix..its very easy..you must go into safestrap...go to boot make sure your on that current jacked up firmware...back then to wipe..slide to wipe..go into moe options more wipe..something like that..go to it and you untick every single box..sd card, dalvik,cashe..all of them...once you do this slide and wipe...once you go back you will see the blocks are red...maybe not yet...once you click reboot system...if you see red words apon loading saying DISABLED..you should be fine...i tried a few things..this got that rom out of the box and i can find it on my files my damn self..if at anytime you see all the re blocks green..its not right..the boot box is blue forever..well green..but the rest are red..or here comes an issue..this rom list is whats messing up the phones code..wipe it good...you are fine..i was black screened...got it to load..no service..had service..it went out..then i did this and bam...go my phone back...safestrap needs to fix this..i was lucky to fix and share...but imagine how much booo u could have clicked and jacked the phone bad?!?! im glad i could fix this..----anytime...this is so easy to resolve..i wish there was vids about safestraps boot loop!!..well expect 2 from my channell.....hit me u guys
    08-14-2014 03:54 AM

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