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    I got my new S5 a few days ago. Until now I was occupied with customize every setting and app and so on.
    Today I wanted to listen some Music with de Stock music player. Everything worked fine until I tried to unlock the phone after I locked it some seconds ago.
    So while the phone was locked (black screen. Immediate lock with power button) the music plays as i expected. But in the moment i press the power or the home button to reactivate the screen, the music pauses. And it stays paused until I complete the unlock process (no matter what unlock mode i use). Then it unpauses and plays along in normal behaviour.
    I also get no audio control button on the lock screen (like play, back and forward) immediately. But after a few second (if i don't touch the lock screen) the audio controls are loaded and displayed and the middle button shows the sybol for "PAUSED" so the music is not just lagging, but it really gets paused by some unkown process
    Thats really annoying because i dont want my music to pause everytime i just visit the lock screen for watch the time or if there are new messages.

    Does somebody know this issue?
    I'd like my music to play until i pause it by myself (wheter with audio controls on lockscreen or direct in the music player app...

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    08-25-2014 11:26 AM

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