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    Double Contacts

    I was rocking along smoothly on my S5 phone and decided to copy my contacts to my
    sim. Ended up with double contacts. After much tinkering got that lined out.

    When I choose "Device" in show contact from they are fine. If I switch to Sim, which I cleared out, I show 15 left over email addresses. I have tried everything possible, deleting, deleting with the sim in my wife's phone and using a sim manager, to no avail.
    I am going to get them to give me another sim.

    My question is that when I select device and or sim when I send a message or email and select contacts there are all my contacts including the left over 15 email addresses,

    You would think that since I have device selected they would be from the device minus the 15 leftovers. I can select sim on my wife's, which is empty and shows it, and still select contacts in messaging and emailing and all her contacts are showing up.

    Where do email and messages get their contacts from?
    09-01-2014 04:28 PM

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