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    Vodafone users were hoping Vodafone was rolling out 4.4.4
    But they were shocked me as well when it was still 4.4.2
    as i have reported on here other devices the HTC one. Sony Z1. Note 3 have also got strange updates
    so what was it well
    Its the RCS Suite when mine updated the phone was a mess i could not message any one
    so i did a Factory wipe after it finished i tried to send a message then i got a Terms and conditions for messanger +
    this was strange as that app is not on the phone
    still the phone would not send a sms
    Vodafone's Live chat advised after sending the setting through to turn off the sync
    still nothing
    so i fixed this temp my self using Google hangouts as my default messenger app
    I contacted Samsung who after they dialled in were shocked at this mess they have logged it and told me that there getting brassed off with all the note three calls
    Now this has happened thankfully there was a fix for me as i used Samsung Kies before it new what Firmware was last on
    so they guided me on how to roll this back
    Dead easy really i now have a phone that works again, but is nagging me to update
    Clearly Vodafone has not tested this, But why do we have to put up with this
    HTC users have taken stuff into there own hands
    Samsung also said there is a way to de brand also using kies and he promised to email
    How this is done
    I will post this a soon as i get this
    09-06-2014 08:42 PM

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