1. srayjacobs's Avatar
    I was looking at camera accessories for the s5 on Amazon and was wondering if anyone has tried them. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00K4W7RW8/...cUvbUpU3880097
    09-07-2014 01:08 PM
  2. pushkardua's Avatar
    whoa!! seems awesome for This cost
    09-07-2014 01:36 PM
  3. Three7s's Avatar
    Yes, I have that lens for the S5 and it works great! Mine came with a threaded snap-on case for the S5 which had threads for the lens.

    You WILL need a tripod when using it. Here's the difference it makes (these are screen shots; not the actual pics):

    camera accessories-capture.jpg
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    09-07-2014 04:49 PM
  4. shanghaichica's Avatar
    There is also this

    Olloclip now makes lenses for the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4 http://www.androidcentral.com/ollocl...-and-galaxy-s4

    Posted from my S5
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    09-08-2014 01:59 AM

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