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    Hi I have my phone set to play sound once I get a new email. I do not have any battery saving programs set to active on my phone so I would assume once I get the email I should be notified right away. I hit the button to dim the display on my phone and send myself a test email from my computer and I hear the sound go off on my phone like it should. I wait about 10 minutes and send another test email and this time the sound does not play. I hit the button to turn the screen back on, and I see in my notification panel that I did get the new email, but no sound was played.

    Is there any way to reset that feature or something so it plays a sound?

    PS- also not sure if this is related to the same problem or not but it seems sometimes when I get a new text sometimes my phone does not beep. Not sure if its a defect or a setting just needs to be changed. any ideas?
    09-07-2014 07:46 PM
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    Open Gmail, click the menu button in top right corner (the vertical dots) and then you'll see label settings and refresh. Click label settings to get to this screen and make sure notify on every new message is checked.
    Attached Thumbnails email notification sound does not work after phone idols for a few minutes-1410161331252.jpg  
    09-08-2014 02:28 AM

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