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    Hey all!

    Couple questions for you.
    So I just ordered my S5 a couple days ago, super excited! While waiting for it to arrive, something dawned on me.
    I've seen that if you look up videos and images, some phones have "Galaxy s5" written on the backs near the bottom and some just have "Samsung" at the top. They always say Samsung of course, but the other part is missing. Is this a regional thing, or what?

    Also, I ordered my phone through Amazon, but from a third party seller called Ranas Electronics II. I gotta say, I'm a little concerned because when I went to ask a post-sale question, it said "international version", and my carrier (straight talk) told me twice that international unlocked phones *will not* work on their network. However, they saw the frequencies my phone has, and they told me they would be fine. So what's going on?! Sometimes straight talk reps just don't know anything, but I'm concerned. I bought the G900F, I'm in the USA. Not only this, but the person answering my questions doesn't really seem to speak English very well, and is awful at answering questions clearly.

    I know someone told me to look for the letters at the end of one of the number strings to see what region it was made for, but in that section the listing just says "g900f".

    Not sure whether to freak out or not yet. I'd link you guys, but for some reason the link keeps crapping out. Sometimes it leads to the one by Ranas, sometimes it leads to the one by FGS trading. I'm so confused. The Amazon rep assured me that this is legit. But now I'm just like......great.

    Help me out?
    09-13-2014 08:38 PM

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