1. L BJGH's Avatar
    I have a BMW X3 and a Samsung S5.

    The phone isn't officially supported by the car's multimedia system so I'm looking for a work around.

    I've installed Cyanogenmod ver. CM11 which has fixed the intermittent Bluetooth connection issues but I'd like the car's multimedia system to read email messages which worked fine on my older Blackberry devices.

    I think I've narrowed down the issue to a Message Access Profile (MAP) issue between BMW and Samsung.

    BMW confirms that the S4 is compatible so now my options are to flash a S4 rom onto my S5 or to figure out how to enable full support of Message Access Profile (MAP) on the S5/BMW.

    09-29-2014 09:07 PM
  2. dancing-bass's Avatar
    I would strongly strongly strongly recommend against flashing an S4 rom onto an S5. They are separate builds for separate devices for a reason. There may be a vast majority of similarities - but the differences could be enough to brick your device permanently. Of course, who knows - it might be just fine apart from a few odd and unexplained bugs.

    If you've found CM to be to your liking, head to a developer's forum and see if someone is willing to cook up a custom ROM or give you guidence on how to get the MAP working between your BMW and your S5.

    Good luck. I'm NOT a developer so I have no idea how involved that could be. It might be only a few lines of code, it might require someone custom building you a special-built ROM from the ground up. I don't know. But find a decent developer's forum and ask around
    09-29-2014 10:37 PM

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