1. mark5019's Avatar
    Sent to me in texts don't show.
    Sons on verizon they come as mms.
    Any clue?
    10-16-2014 10:24 PM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Maybe a file type that your phone can't read.
    10-16-2014 10:34 PM
  3. UJ95x's Avatar
    Is it specific to people from one carrier or OS? Or just random pictures not coming through?
    10-16-2014 10:41 PM
  4. mark5019's Avatar
    Its random from son
    10-16-2014 11:29 PM
  5. UJ95x's Avatar
    Its random from son
    So it's only pictures from your son that are not coming in from time to time? Not anybody else's?
    10-16-2014 11:35 PM
  6. P_Devil's Avatar
    Are you using the Samsung messaging app, your carrier's messaging app (like Verizon Messenger), Google Hangouts, or something else? I've had issues with the Samsung messaging app when it comes to pictures. It would always drastically downscale any pictures that I texted to other people. The resulting pictures were blocky and would go from being 16MP down to 1.3MP. Receiving multiple images from any iPhone user would result in me having to open some photo book thing. I would only see the first image in the text and I would then have to select the image just to scroll through the remaining ones.

    Google Hangouts has fixed all of that for me. Images that I send are still downscaled (no one needs a 16MP image sent through a text) but they still look fine and images that I receive don't look like crap. Also multiple images that I receive from iPhones show up separately so I can just scroll through them all like normal.
    10-17-2014 07:47 AM
  7. mark5019's Avatar
    im useing the stock text that came with att service on samsung gs5
    and its not constant
    10-17-2014 09:31 AM

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