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    My Note 2 got hosed reflashing - lost the radio info files.
    So I got a new S5 Active and there is one thing that's making me crazy:
    On the Note 2 (and other Android phones I've had) I have the Lock screen secured with a passcode or something - on the N2 I used the pattern.
    So I turn on the phone, do my pattern, access teh phone apps and turn off. Oops! I forgot something - hit the power button or home key and up pops the screen and away I go.

    On the S5 however, it goes back to the lock screen (but no pattern to unlock) and I have to do a totally redundant swipe to get past that lock screen.
    So to reiterate when I unlock the phone I do the security pattern. In the N2 Jellybean I could "close" the phone by tapping the power key and if I opened it within the specified lock time it would simply open. Now it has to go back to the lock screen - but without the pattern unlock and I have to swipe to open.

    Anyone know how I can turn off that swipe to open lock screen if I open the phone within the lockout time?

    10-20-2014 02:56 PM

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