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    I have a Moto Razr Maxx HD. My contract is up in a month. I love this phone except for the camera. It's inconsistent and slow. I went and looked at the Droid Turbo and loved it, but reports about the camera are giving me pause and when I tested for signal strength in the store vs. my RMHD, the Turbo was nowhere near as strong.

    My three main needs from a phone are battery life, camera, and radio and wifi reception. Secondary needs are screen quality and build quality, including hand feel. I already know about the awesome camera in the S5. To those of you that migrated from a Razr Maxx or Maxx HD, would you be so kind as to answer a few questions?

    1. Which phone has better battery life? If there is a difference is it enough to make you care about it?

    2. Which phone gets better call reception? How about wifi reception?

    3. Which phone has a louder speaker? How about louder earphone? Any difference in the sound quality between the Moto and the S5?

    4. I like the (mostly) stock Android experience with the RMHD. How did you like the transition to TouchWiz? Will I like TouchWiz?

    11-01-2014 03:41 PM

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