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    So I just bought the Galaxy S5 from Verizon a couple weeks ago, and had initially no problems with reading the Sandisk 64 GB micro SD card (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...cUvbUpU4020356 purchased on 9/13/13) but after the OTA update from 4.4.2 to 4.4.4, like for a number of other people, the micro SD card is no longer readable. This DESPITE any method of reformatting the card, whether by PC (including both windows AND SD association utility) the old Galaxy S3 (which it still reads/writes fine in) or the Galaxy S5 (it says it formatted each time, but still can't be read or written to.) I had believed it was a faulty card, sent it in to Sandisk and received a replacement 64GB card (different serial number) and it does the same thing. This card like the previous one is readable in both my Galaxy S3 and on the PC.

    Apparently at least somebody knows of this at Verizon...
    And other sites as well...
    Stock, not rooted, took the 4.4.4 update and… | Verizon Samsung Galaxy S 5 | XDA Forums

    Is there any other information out there? Seems most of these reader comments are from September, yet I see nothing more recent or saying the issue has been resolved. I have a replacement Verizon S5 now that is on 4.4.2 out of the box new again, and I keep holding off the update as I don't want to lose my SD card usage. Stock phone, nothing ever rooted.

    11-03-2014 09:20 AM

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