1. Hcsob's Avatar
    Hi there

    I need help please. In the past week my battery life has dropped considerably, caused by a gpsd process running constantly.

    Following advise from other forums I did a factory reset (twice) on the phone and stopping any updates on Apps that are pre-installed on the phone. I also did not load any extra apps to see if it is not a 'rogue' app causing this process to run. I also deactivated the location setting/gps and did not activate any Google accounts.

    And still I cannot seem to stop it. Battery life is now about 8 hours from fully charged on less than normal usage.
    The phone has got the latest updated software on board.

    Attached is a screenshot of this damn thing sucking my battery dry

    Any advice will be appreciated

    Abnormal Battery Drain - GPSD-screenshot_2014-10-30-09-15-06.jpg
    11-04-2014 01:24 AM
  2. AZgl1500's Avatar
    I'm not familiar with that process. But, it sort of seems to be related to the GPS function. Have you turned off Location completely in an effort to diagnose what is happening?

    What I do when looking for rogue apps is goto

    Settings/Apps/App mgr/ALL

    That will show you everything that is running on the phone, even the Android processes. Maybe you can find it there and turn it off. No harm in turning things off, they can always be turned back on.

    also, Android has a habit of displaying "nicknames" for their processes that are running. I doubt the process is actually named 'gpsd'.

    but maybe you can find something that looks like that.
    11-04-2014 02:11 AM

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