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    I'm having a weird issue with my new S5. I have music and videos stored on a 64gb card I recently transferred from my S3. Regardless of player used, if the music is paused for voice search or a phone call the media refuses to resume. One of two things happen:

    1) the music will play for a second when I hit play then pause. Repeat until song is over.

    2) all media controls will cease to function.

    If it's a video that is interrupted the audio will play but no image. Or it will start and stop like a dog on walk about in a yard. A reboot fixes this for a short frame but it's getting very irritating.

    I've reformatted the card, factory reset the device and tried multiple media apps. The initial week I had the phone all functions were flawless. Then this Monday it all went to hell totally randomly when I noticed that the lockscreen controls were acting oddly. I noticed my media players were reloading their data so that's when I reformatted and resynced content.

    I never had this problem with my S3 and I simply cannot figure it out. Would anyone have guidance? Anything would be appreciated.
    11-08-2014 02:33 AM

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