1. prettycode's Avatar
    I just switched from a Galaxy S3 to Galaxy S5.

    In my S3, all my Facebook friends showed up in my phone's Contacts list.

    In my S5, my contacts list is completely empty. I literally have zero contacts after plugging in this new phone with this new SIM.

    How do I make my S5 shows Facebook friends as Contacts in my phone, like my S3 did?
    11-13-2014 10:15 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    You need to log into Facebook first. You should be able to find the Facebook account in your Accounts section in the Settings or when you download and sign into the Facebook app. Just make sure that the Contact Sync is selected.
    11-13-2014 10:37 AM
  3. Igor Muller's Avatar
    It doesnt help, facebook account does appear in accounts section but there is no option to sync contacts. May be android 5 bug, drives me absolutely mad. In a glimpse my communications are seriously damaged. Well done Google.
    11-13-2014 12:21 PM
  4. SpookDroid's Avatar
    I can see it no issues on my friend's S5 and on my Note 4. You go into accounts, Facebook, select your Facebook account, and I see SYNC CONTACTS, SYNC CALENDAR, SYNC GALLERY.
    You do need to have the Facebook app installed, I think.
    11-13-2014 04:00 PM
  5. sweetypie31's Avatar
    Go under app settings and sync contacts is at the bottom.

    Posted via Android Central App
    11-13-2014 08:39 PM
  6. quantum tao's Avatar
    I don't see it either, new droid turbo with facebook installed
    11-15-2014 11:22 AM
  7. SpookDroid's Avatar
    If you don't see the option (I really don't know why... I've owned a bunch of Samsung phones at least and they all include that) you can use HaxSync. It does just that. Sync contact and/or calendar items with Facebook and updates picture/status on your Contact List as well.
    11-17-2014 11:36 AM
  8. schworak's Avatar
    I have the same issue. Went from Galaxe Note 2 to Galaxy Note 4. Sync Contacts is no longer an option. Switched back to my Note 2 which i had wiped and the option is there. Reset my Note 4 and still missing this option.
    03-29-2016 02:43 PM
  9. salutcemoi's Avatar
    You have to use an older version of FB or install a sync app from the play store

    FB has recently removed contact access from OEMs

    Posted via the Android Central App
    03-31-2016 12:54 AM

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