1. Riley Ancona's Avatar
    Hey I have had the galaxy s5 since release date and I have been for the most part ok with it. I have some definite buyers remorse, should have gone with the m8 but I'll have to live. I really want this phone to be as fast and buttery as possible. I have:
    -Disabled or delete all junk stock apps
    -I am running google ART runtime,
    -I use textra for SMS
    -I use google camera for photos
    -Keep my personal file level down
    -Use acdisplay as my lockscreen
    So I am wondering what else I can do to make this phone faster. I must say everything I have done has doubled if not tripled the speed of this phone. I was going to speed up system animator times but that seems to make the phone choppy. It seems that a lot of things still run in the background like car mode and other things and I am just wondering how to delete, if possible, to get them to stop running in the background. Thank you and happy holidays.

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    11-19-2014 08:02 PM
  2. AZgl1500's Avatar
    I have not done any real comparison study on this, but to me, it seems that my phone got a bit faster and definitely easier to use when I installed the Nova Launcher...

    I love how Nova will just continue to revolve around and around, none of that crap about "last homepage, gotta go back the other way"...

    Nova has better Widget facilities.... it has shortcuts back to TouchWiz which gave me the Warm Fuzzies for a few days until I realized that "Hey! I haven't used TouchWiz's launcher in over 3 months now....

    Anyhoo, I am very pleased with how my Galaxy S5 is performing.

    I am a bit anal on battery life, and use MacroDroid to automatically turn the internet OFF when the screen is locked.

    Then when the screen Unlocks the internet is turned back on.

    I just checked, and it has now been 15 hours since off charger and I have 84% left on battery. And that for an average work day for me.

    very pleased with my setup.
    11-19-2014 08:13 PM
  3. Riley Ancona's Avatar
    Oh yes I forgot to mention that I use kikkat (lollipop ) launcher prime, definitely just like nova and is very fast. Installed it the day I got it and haven't touched it since.

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    11-19-2014 08:41 PM

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