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    Ok. First, let me say, I have read many of the postings that complain about the batter life. I've been looking into this myself and I have done some experiments to try to find out what is causing it. I'm getting closer, but now I'm stuck and its why I'm asking for help now. PLEASE...don't respond with options of turning down brightness, wifi, etc. to save batter, that is NOT the culprit.

    What I have found is that the system is staying awake and not going to sleep. If you go to the battery view and tap the graph technically, I should see that the awake graph and screen active graphs are nearly equivalent, less a few instances for quick checks. Look at the image below. Notice how the Awake and Screen On are almost identical. Then, suddenly, the device is AWAKE continuously even though the screen is off.

    So, I can reproduce this. Here is how, and I'm hoping this might shed light on what is going on. Please ask questions so I can provide more details.

    1. Turn off the device.
    2. Charge overnight (this may be skipped, its just what I have done)
    3. Unplug and turn on the device in the morning. Wifi, Data,Bluetooth,Location are all On. Battery saver is too.
    4. At my house and during my commute to work, there is excellent GPS signal from satellites and towers. Once I park at work and enter the building, the signal strength drops and THAT is when it stays awake continuously. If I turn off location, nothing happens. The only way to get it out of its 'fit' is to move to a location where there is good signal, and hard reset (turning off the power, NOT simply restarting) after leaving the device off for about 5 minutes.

    Other posts about batter life show all identical symptoms to what I'm having. I'm now proving more details around this and when this problem occurs.


    Stay Awake Issue a.k.a. Battery Life-screenshot_2014-11-19-09-38-27.jpg
    11-21-2014 12:09 AM
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    Ok. additional information:

    Did the same test as yesterday, EXCEPT, I did NOT able location in the settings.

    Result: Shortly after turning on, the device stayed AWAKE continuously. Even after turning location on.

    Clearly, the dependency is with location and so long as location is always found, the system is happy.
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    11-21-2014 10:45 AM

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