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    not sure if this was always the case with the S5 since I switched from an S4 on Sprint, but my alarm clock has been set to 7:14am during the weekdays and what I've noticed is that it will actually go off at the time set PLUS the snooze amount. So the default snooze time is "5 minutes, 3 times" and what happens is the alarm actually goes off at 7:19 despite the alarm setting saying 7:14am! I've verified this several times thinking that in my sleepy state I must have pressed snooze, but I haven't! The weird thing is if I set the alarm for that day, it goes off as usual. If I set the alarm for the next day or later, this issue happens. Anyone else notice this or am I missing something in one of the settings?
    11-27-2014 11:27 AM

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