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    Okay so a couple of weeks ago i thought it would be cool to root my S5, so i went through the process of it and my phone was working fine, until recently i downloaded a couple of apps:

    And for some reason my phone would lag REALLY bad, so i decided to un-root my phone, no im no professional in this stuff and i went into SuperSU settings and i saw a "Completely Un-Root" option and so i clicked it and rebooted my phone, once my phone turned on, i deleted every "rooted apk" i had, and my phone has been completely broken down. For example, i am connected to the internet, on my S5 but if i try to sign into my google account it says the connection couldnt be established, youtube wont work i get a 401 error, playstore wont work, NOTHING.
    Ive also noticed my phone went from "4G" to "H+"
    i realllly need help with this because this is a brand new phone and i just want my original un-rooted device back!
    12-14-2014 02:35 AM

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