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    I have an S5 and I love it!!! I came from an iPhone and mac products. I don't regret making the switch to S5 but i'm having a bit of trouble keeping everything synced. I'm sure this is possible I just haven't figured it out yet. What I'm trying to do is keep my pictures and music, calendar, notes, contacts in sync across the board:
    my phone, my iMac and macbook. I have double twist installed, but its missing a lot of songs, and has duplicated stuff, i'm not really happy with it. I started using power amp, but I'm looking for something that will keep all my songs synced like iTunes. I just found out about google play. The only thing is you'd have to use wifi all the time, or download each time you want to hear something. Has anyone run into this same problem? Any solutions ? Really appreciate any help or suggestions that anyone may have! Thanks guys
    12-18-2014 02:02 PM
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    12-18-2014 02:27 PM
  3. Vanessa0831's Avatar
    I wish I would've seen this response yesterday. I've spent a lot of today, erasing my library, my external SD card and using double twist to upload 32 gbs of music So far thats working. But I don't see my photos in iPhoto? Also, I just realized there was a utorrent app and downloaded a movie. Anyway, to transfer that to my mac? And transfer movies from my mac to my s5? Would Kies do this?
    12-19-2014 10:55 PM

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