1. anon(8114070)'s Avatar
    How in the heck can I show the password for various apps? I have a real problem using the darn small keypad on my S5 and often hit the wrong key and this is a real problem if you are entering a password. Is there a setting or app that I can use that will show me the PW after I have entered it. Just seeing the little popup as I press a key is not enough for me especially if I need to enter the same character more than once in succession. I need to see the entire PW after I have entered it.

    I've searched for apps in the play store and either I'm looking for the wrong thing or none exist.
    12-20-2014 03:38 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    That's normally something the app developer adds to the app - a checkbox to allow you to show the password. (There are loads of examples of the code on the web, so no developer can say that it's too difficult to do - it's cut and paste.) But I don't know of a "decode the obscured textbox) app that you can use to show the password in an app that doesn't have the function. (Using a password manager makes it easier - once you have that account in the manager, just copy the password and paste it into the app.)
    12-20-2014 04:10 PM
  3. AZgl1500's Avatar
    You and me both....

    My bank app is just about impossible for me to sign into w/o triggering the dreaded "your account has been locked" message.

    Once that happens, my debit card is locked from further use, and if that happens on the night before a 4 day holiday weekend, I am screwed. (in fact it did happen once)

    this is the reason that I will not use the bank mobile apps unless I am setting down at my office desk where I can see what is happening.... AND if that message gets triggered, I have to login via my PC browser and reset the password to a new one, after going through 20 questions to verify my credentials with the bank.
    12-20-2014 05:49 PM

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