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    Got a new S5 w/4.4. Need to get all older (than day I got new phone - day 0) text msgs from previous phone (RAZR MAXX w/4.2).

    Tried latest SMS Backup (& Restore) method, but it didn't work. It appeared to work.

    On old phone, SMS BU ran for about an hour and showed it bu'd ~ 8000 items to gmail.
    I can now see all older texts up to day 0 in gmail|SMS (but none past day 0 so I assume this was from SMS BU).

    Ran SMS BU - Restore on new phone & it appeared to work. Counted thru 1000's of items & said 'complete'
    On new phone, only texts newer than day 0 are in Messages & Messages+.
    All texts older than day 0 are only in gmail|SMS (which has NO msgs newer than day 0 ).

    (Also tried an older version of SMS BU that output to .db file with the idea I'd x-fer file to new phone & restore. Oddly, on old phone, the created .db file was tiny and only had ~ 3 messages in it.)

    How do I get older texts from gmail to Messages/Messages+/whatever so I have a seamless collection of messages in a text app?

    12-22-2014 12:19 PM

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