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    I am looking at an app called Maverick which will download maps of your area so you can go off-grid and still hike around and see the trails.

    okay so far, and only if you don't need more than the map of the local county.

    Why? it does not recognize the SD card on the S5...

    shame shame............

    I sent an email to the developer....... if they don't answer me back in 48 hours, they are going to get a blistering review.

    * Maverick: GPS Navigation - Android Apps on Google Play

    I already have CoPilot GPS which very neatly downloaded the entire USA maps onto the SD card.... that took a while, a very long while, even via WiFi....
    but the end result is a mapping application that is blistering fast as all of the data is local, not via the MobileData network.

    I like this app.......... a lot

    so, why look at Maverick? well, it has some really neat features being ballyhooed, trackback cookie crumb trails for hikers. bravo!

    upload that cookie crumb trail to a social website so your scout leader and his young scouts in training can find you... again, nice...

    the ability to select the map source, again... bravo!

    Create and record waypoints that can be sent to Google Earth, nice...

    there is a lot more, especially if you get the Pro version...........

    but it is all wasted if you cannot access the SD card!

    01-09-2015 03:27 PM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Let us know how they respond to your inquiry.
    01-10-2015 01:31 AM
  3. AZgl1500's Avatar
    This being a Saturday morning, I am not hopeful for anything until Monday or after. It is a corporation (I think).

    at least they make several apps
    01-10-2015 09:19 AM
  4. dk3355's Avatar
    Have you looked at LocusMap or OSMAND + ?
    01-10-2015 10:06 AM
  5. AZgl1500's Avatar
    Have you looked at LocusMap or OSMAND + ?
    Was not aware of either of those two. I am looking now at the features listing in LocusMap where it explains all it can do. Very inclusive and looks to be very useful.

    Okay, a "first look" impression.

    LocusMap is a terrific app for geocaching, and nature trail hikes. Comes up in the terrain view "Google Earth" type view.

    But, I found my most important needed feature is totally lacking on this app also.
    As of right now, with 10 whole minutes looking into the settings page, it makes "no mention" of, nor does it allow you to use the "external SD card" as the storage area.

    2nd, gripe. right now, it is downloading maps every time I move the screen around. I'm sure that will stop if/when I get to where I can download a map for "offline use".

    Shot some more screens and can see that the online/offline mode is easy to get to. Can't go 'offline' though w/o having already downloaded a local map. Intuitive and glad they made it clear.

    I can see that I would easily get to liking this program a lot for just local trips hiking, bike riding, etc.... but the lack of using external storage is a Deal Breaker for me.

    I am writing them to see if they are going to add the SD card feature... maps eat up more storage space than just about anything I know of. Restricting a map application to the device storage is very short sighted of the developers.

    .thanks for the heads up on both of these apps. Next, to look at OSMAND.
    01-10-2015 10:51 AM
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    Have you looked at LocusMap or OSMAND + ?
    Okay, now OSMAND.

    First crack out of the box, it wants to download a basemap, and it reports that my phone only has 2.38 gB of free storage.

    Oh crap, another map program gone bad...............

    Okay, let it download the base worldmap so that it would get on with life and let me look around.

    Now that was done, looked at the maps to see what is available. Impressed, extremely well filled out with maps available to download for everywhere.

    Then I stumbled onto Global App Settings/Storage Directory

    Opened that up and it offers me 3 places? holy cow momma, it includes the extSDcard. So, I clicked on that and a window pops up "Do you want to move your existing maps to the extSDcard?"

    hell yes momma, so I click Yes........ took a while to move those maps to the extSDcard, but that makes this makes this map program a keeper.

    okay, a very short first impression of the first map page that comes up. It centers on my current location.
    I immediately noticed something I have not seen on any other map app.
    little 'X' boxes showing where surveyors have been out and outlined the boundaries of the local zones and individual property owners land edges in my tiny hamlet.

    Now that is extremely useful to me, as I have searched all over trying to figure out just exactly where my property boundaries are and this is the first time ever, I have seen anything that got closer than the Deed Plat hand drawn map filed with my County Treasurer's office.

    I've got a lot of study to do on this one, but it definitely is staying on the phone and the extSDcard

    again, a thankful "thank you" for this heads up.
    01-10-2015 11:30 AM
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    Just took another look and scrolled down a mile below my house which is where our local Electrical Power Generating station is located.

    I could see the train tracks that circle it (it is a coal burning facility), but I could also see more notes on it.

    It displays both of the power plants there (one is coal fired, the 2nd is Natural Gas fired). It does not show which is which, but what it does show is the Output Voltage of each unit !!!
    345 kVolts for the coal fired plant, and 138 kVolts for the NG fired plant.

    The coal fired plant is scheduled for shut down in a couple of years. funky emissions rules from those who don't understand the global scheme of things.... totally short sighted.... this coal fired plant has filters on it that make the exhaust clean enough to breathe... but never mind, it is a "coal burning plant" so it has to be shut down period.... I could very easily throttle those environmentalists who do not have any money in their pocket, never have, live off the dole, but thru court orders they make you and me pay more to use an alternate fuel source that is more expensive, and not any better than the technology we have in that plant right now.

    yeah, I know, going off Android topic... but it gripes me a lot.

    back to the OSMAND map app.

    Extremely well thought out. Obviously has been in development for decades. This did not "just happen" overnight. Implementing it on Android is a "job well done", kudos to the developers on this one.
    01-10-2015 11:40 AM

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