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    I recently upgraded from the S3 to the S5. I've not really played around with it yet, as I was waiting for a case (to bulk it out, doddery hands) to make it easier to use, but I have played Plants v Zombies 2 on it for one round each day. The first few days, it played normally. Last night the whole phone seized up, then appeared to blue screen, before coming back, but with the background on the app being distorted, and any drops showing as a transparent box with the background being in it but fuzzy. There was blue lining to the top and bottom of the screen. I attempted to play it again this morning, and the blue screen/distorted backgrounds were still an issue.

    Is this likely to be an issue with just the app, or is it possible that the phone is having trouble? Is blue screen a problem many of you have encountered. I'm assuming not as I've searched for it as an issue and only found some very vague questions about it.

    I've got a SM-G900F (I can't find much on that model), running KitKat and it's on 02 in the UK.

    Any help is appreciated as I need my phone to be working as I'm a full-time carer and can be called to emergencies at any time.
    01-10-2015 07:51 AM
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    I like your reference to "blue screen", Microsoft will enjoy that.

    That is not normal, but apps can and do go awry. If this app was downloaded, Uninstall it, then Restart the phone. Now you can download/install the app again.

    That procedure fixes a whole lot of ills with just about anything.

    In fact, the simple Restart the phone process is good as a first step in debugging any issue.

    If problems still persist, turn the phone off, power it on by holding down the Volume Up button and the Power On button simultaneously until it powers on and presents a blue menu.

    Now, use the Volume buttons to arrow up/dn and select Clear Cache Partition.

    This is a very good, and it is safe, way to fix a lot of issues.

    Report back if any of this helps.
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    01-10-2015 10:14 AM
  3. lizziefrog's Avatar
    Hey there.

    Thanks for your reply. What can I say about the blue screen comment? It's a screen, and it went blue!

    I've saved your instructions for future use, but in the mean time, they seem to have worked for me. Thank you.
    01-11-2015 09:10 AM

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