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    I recently updated my Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone to Android Lollipop version today and now I'm facing the following problems :

    1. There is no silent mode. Whenever I click on 'Sound' icon in notifications panel, the mode is wither switched to 'vibrate' or to 'sound'. How do I switch it to silent?

    2. The phone has become extremely slow after the update. After tapping an icon, it takes more than a second to respond now.How to improve the responsiveness ?

    3. The folders in the app drawer are no longer arranged in a separate window, rather mixed up everywhere along with the apps ?

    4. How do I un-install the update and restore the phone to Android 4.4 since I really don't see any benefits of Lollipop, except it slowing my phone down.

    5. On a separate note, is it possible to get rid of 'My Magazine' ?

    6. Oh and the 'Settings' menu keeps crashing whenever I try to uninstall an app.

    02-10-2015 01:51 AM

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