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    First, battery life. Since updating my battery life is horrifying. Just sitting here writing this post my battery has gone from 82% to 70%, that's not normal. Before the update I would occasionally have to let my phone charge for maybe a half hour or so during the day if there was heavy use. Since the update I have to charge my phone at least two different times for more than 1.5 hours during the day without heavy use. Ridiculous. Not to mention my battery feels so overly hot I feel like my phone is going to explode in my hand at some point.

    Second, the lagging. Right after the update the lag between apps and everything was ridiculous. I was using Nova Launcher at the time and it took so long to go from app to app to home screen that it would time out and go to the lock screen.

    Within 24 hours of doing the update I did a factory reset because I saw a bunch of threads that said this could solve the issue's. For the first day or so it did and the phone was performing well. But, this was without any apps re-downloaded because I just didn't have time to go back and do all that yet. Once I started downloading all of my apps again and going back to using Nova Launcher (I can't stand TouchWiz), the lagging and battery life issues started again.

    I went back to TouchWiz for a couple hours to see if the lagging and battery life issues would go away but they did not.

    I'm wondering how many people have had these same issues and how you have dealt with them? I hope it's not because I'm using Nova Launcher because I love Nova. Also, is it possible to go back to KitKat? If so, is there a forum guide on how to do that?


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    02-12-2015 01:36 PM
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    YES. I posted on here yesterday and I also posted one on Verizon's forum. So far, nothing!!

    02-12-2015 03:39 PM
  3. Ronnie Nathan Collins's Avatar
    Lollipop right now got so many issue that's why I dowgraded mine to KitKat
    02-12-2015 03:58 PM
  4. mikecomp93's Avatar
    Lollipop right now got so many issue that's why I dowgraded mine to KitKat
    I want to do that so bad. How do you downgrade back down to KitKat?

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    02-12-2015 05:41 PM
  5. KJ78's Avatar
    Lollipoop has more issues than Jeffrey Dahmer. Going back to kit crap when I get a chance.
    02-13-2015 01:46 AM
  6. barry1964's Avatar
    Very carefully using odin and and the odin download mode on your phone by booting holding the volume down, the home and power key at the same time.

    1. Be absolutely certain you have the correct ROM for your handset. The best place to get the ROM from is SamMobile

    2. Make sure your handset is fully charged.

    3. Watch out where you download Odin from, loads of uploads are riddled with viruses and teogens, and make sure it's the latest version [I think it's 3.09 last time I looked].

    4. Do research, it's your phone you need to take responsibility for keeping it healthy. Watch videos on YouTube, read articles, beware of pirates!

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    02-13-2015 03:01 AM
  7. angelinaOO7's Avatar
    HOW did you do that?? I want to go back!!!!????
    02-13-2015 11:10 PM

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