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    Since Lollipop no longer allows your S5 to engage a Mute mode so that you get no sounds and no vibrations but still have your LED flash AND your alarm still work, I've been looking for a solution.

    I've finally found one. And it works!

    I am on an S5 on EE in the UK.

    There seems a lot to do, but there really isn't.

    Download an application called Power Toggles from the Play Store - it's free.

    Launch it and click on Settings.

    Click on Toggle Settings

    Click Volume Toggle

    Click Enabled Modes

    Make sure the Mute and Ring options only are selected and click OK

    Now exit the app and go to your widgets.

    Add a power toggle 4x 1 widget.

    Customise the widget by clicking the Add Toggle button.

    Scroll down and choose Volume Toggle from the Hardware Section, about half way down the screen.

    Now remove the other toggles by tapping them and selecting Remove.

    You will be left with just the volume icon.

    Click Done.

    Resize your widget.

    Now, go into your Sounds and Notifications settings screen and select interruptions.

    Tap only allow priority interruptions.

    On the screen now, ensure you have selected Events and reminders, Phone Calls and Messages and that Calls/messages from is set to all.

    Come out of all your settings and set your phone back so it has sound and notifications again, as normal.

    That's it for config.

    Now to get into silent mode, tap the widget and it will seem to do nothing, but the Priority icon will appear at the top of the screen.

    Tap the widget again and it will turn grey and go into silent mode.

    You will receive all your notifications silently, the LED will flash etc but there will be no sound or vibration. Also, your alarm will still work!

    Hope this helps.
    02-18-2015 10:46 AM

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