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    Transfer data from Samsung 4G Relay to S5

    cell phone insurance
    transfer data from an old Samsung phone

    To begin with, I read on a post somewhere that the Kies program will not restore to a different Samsung phone. Please confirm if this is true. That would have saved me at least one day in this process.

    This is my transfer odyssey. I hope it helps someone.
    I needed to transfer
    call log
    text messages
    text messages with pictures people sent me (MMS)
    and data that applications use for example your favorite radio stations on iheart radio app.

    The Samsung Galaxy 4G Relay SGH T699 is a t-mobile phone with a keyboard that is running android 4.1.2 a early jelly bean version. The Samsung 5 is running KitKat. I have ATT service.

    I always tried to save as much stuff on my external sd card as possible and not the phone internal memory. So the photos, music, videos and documents were not a big deal. For those few files that were not originally saved to the external sd card, I just moved them to the external sd card using the My Files app. Go to All files, sd card and then open the folders to look for files you want to move to the external sd card. Select the file (or whole folder), open the menu, select move and hit return back to the screen with the external folder listed. Then open that folder and select where you want to move the file to. Hit Move Here.

    I installed the apps I wanted on the S5 using the google play store My apps menu.

    The sim cards for these 2 phones are not compatible. The Relay's is a lot bigger. It could be cut down with a device a guy had at a cell phone store but I chose to activate the new smaller one for the S5. Later I found a sim card adaptor. I can now put the small sim card in the adaptor and put it in the Relay if I want to.

    On the Relay I tapped contacts, menu, export, export to SD card. It exported my contacts in a .vcf file which I imported into the S5 contact screen. This avoids getting duplicate contacts. I can never remember if I already saved my contacts to the phone or the sim card but I always end up with too many duplicates. We are pretty much forced to use google with these phones so I display only contacts with phone numbers and let the rest stay in the gmail program.

    I tried to use the Samsung Kies program for the rest of the backup with a mac and Windows XP. The Relay is compatible with a Windows Kies 2.6. So I backed up the Relay with 2.6. However the S5 is not compatible with 2.6. So I then upgraded the 2.6 to 3.0 for the S5. I also tried the same thing with the mac. Unfortunately I got this message for “call log, other preferences, network settings and, email account information”:

    “data for applications that have not been installed will not be restored. reconnect the device and restore the backup data after the application is restored.”

    I couldn't find any information about this on the internet and got the idea after trying everything I could think of that there must be a problem not having the sim card activated yet. So I went to att and had them activate the small sim card. However this did not fix the Kies problem.

    So then I had ATT transfer the info using their machine. But they could not restore my call logs, the MMS messages or the application data. Also the Samsung Smart switch app and the ATT transfer app were both incompatible with the Relay.

    I downloaded the FREE SMS Backup+ app and restored my call logs, yeah! This program backs up mms too but doesn't restore them yet...

    I then bought the premium Helium app because it is the best one to use to back up and restore without rooting your phone. The Helium app restored my application data.

    Lastly I used the FREE Backup to Gmail app to restore my MMS messages. And I got back all those texts with pictures I wanted.

    So lets see I used a sd card, 4 apps and a machine to transfer everything in 4 days. The Kies program and 2 apps that were supposed to work, did not. I do not believe there is one app that does all of this stuff. However when I am sure I got everything I can think of, I will do a Kies 3.0 backup of the S5. I also have my contacts backed up on ATT and who knows how many other apps and programs that asked me to do it during this ordeal. I prefer not to have goole involved with my phone. If there was a way to backup and restore everything without Google I would do it. The only thing I want them to handle is my gmail period. They have messed up my contacts so bad, I just hope I have the ones I really need. We cant even turn these phones on without a Google account.

    The Samsung S5 was a replacement phone for the Relay. I paid a 62.00 deductible and kept my old plan. I have to send them my broken Relay. Its a good deal I think cause I didn't have to go to the Next Plan. But when this is over I will probably drop the att insurance (Asurion) and get the new one advertised on the radio for half the price and no deductible.

    If anyone knows of an easier way I could have done this, please comment. I wish this information could have been found in all one place. It would have saved me days of internet searching.

    Now I have to figure out how to stop my wifi from turning on when I shut it off.

    Thanks guys
    02-23-2015 02:12 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Have you tried Smart Switch?
    02-23-2015 11:51 AM

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