1. robsawalker's Avatar
    Hi guys

    Great news, If it hasn't already been posted, UK lollipop update tonight has removed the stupid priority mode and given us mute back!

    It has also added a new "do not disturb" icon. Basically, this kind everything, and you then add what you want in to it eg calls, messaging, app updates etc. It also has scheduling!


    ETA: I'm on O2, UK



    02-23-2015 02:45 PM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing! A lot of people will really like this.
    02-23-2015 03:12 PM
  3. robsawalker's Avatar
    I'm just so relieved. The thing that really did my head in, is even if you blocked all, of you played a film... It would have sound!

    Posted via the Android Central App
    02-23-2015 03:26 PM
  4. PamelaMichel's Avatar
    Thanks soooo much for sharing!! Especially about the messenger, I feel like I'm using a dinasaur messenger!
    What great news today...well only great news, but ahhhh!
    robsawalker likes this.
    02-23-2015 04:42 PM
  5. jleemess's Avatar
    I can't wait!

    Posted via the Android Central App
    02-23-2015 10:43 PM
  6. melmc1403's Avatar
    Got this over the weekend and so glad that 'mute' is back although I did get used to using the priority settings

    Galaxy S5
    02-24-2015 06:02 AM
  7. robsawalker's Avatar
    It's great having mute back, thanks Samsung!

    Posted via the Android Central App
    02-24-2015 02:49 PM

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