1. Jamie_tnt's Avatar
    Sometimes my S5 receives duplicate text messages, and at other times I don't receive texts until hours after they are sent. Anyone had a similar issue?

    02-24-2015 05:47 PM
  2. Travo79's Avatar
    I had this problem with my Galaxy Nexus. After asking around, the solution, for me at least, was to do a battery pull, and remove the Sim card. Put the Sim and battery back in and boot up. I think that solved the problem for me, with the problem reoccurring randomly. I eventually went to Verizon and got a new Sim card, and never had the problem again. Try reseating the card first and see if that fixes it. Then if it shows up again later get a new Sim.

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    02-24-2015 05:58 PM

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