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    So I just upgraded to an S5 from my S3 and am really quite pleased with my new phone, well mostly.

    You see, I'm having some problems with the web browser. I don't recall having this problem at home on my wifi, I could be mistaken, I think it has only occurred when using my data.

    Every now and then, sometimes quite frequently and consistently, when opening a web page I instead get an error message that says "Unable to display web page". I have tried this on both the default browser and on Firefox. I am fully capable of using other online features such as Facebook or my email at all times so it can't be a connection problem.

    My carrier is AT&T. Really hope there's an easy fix beyond exchanging the phone.
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    02-24-2015 10:41 PM
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    It's easy to fix, but it doesn't involve a change in the phone or the carrier, it involves a change in the website. It can be a problem with the page's security certificate, the page's data integrity or something else that the browser is catching that doesn't seem right. Some browsers might miss it, some won't.

    It could even be a problem with AT&T's DNS server, or the server it gets its information from. (Eventually, there's a .com server, a .net server, etc., and all DNS data originates with them.) Go into an AT&T Device Support Center if it keeps happening with any particular site (so you can reproduce the problem at will) and ask them to please look into it for you. (They'll probably have to refer the problem to networking or some other department, unless they already know about it.)

    If you can't find your nearest DSC, ask someone at your local store where the nearest one is.
    02-24-2015 11:30 PM

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