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    I got a replacement galaxy s5 on Jan 28 and I've noticed the screen has a yellow and blue tint during white backgrounds. If i look straight at the screen, the white has some yellow tint over the mid to top portion of the screen. However, if I move the phone up, the yellow moves down the screen and a blue tint appears on the top to mid part of the screen. The tint isn't heavy as I can see still get good colors out of things.

    Is this normal for the s5 screen? My old phone had a yellow tint to the white as well, but I don't know if the tint changed from yellow to blue when I moved the phone up and down.
    03-06-2015 02:51 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    The light you see on the screen is LEDs on the innermost panel of the screen (the one closest to the inside of the phone). In front of that is a plastic diffuser, so you don't see spots where the LEDs are, you see an even field of light. (LCD TVs work the same way.) If the plastic they're using has a slight yellow tint to it, or isn't absolutely evenly white in some other way, you'll see effects like that. (A computer monitor that gives absolutely pure color - used in industries where the slightest shift in color means the difference between profit and bankruptcy - costs more than the most expensive desktop. It's not easy getting a pure white diffuser with absolutely no optical effects.

    On my Note 3, if I tilt the screen far enough I get one of 2 effects. Tilting it horizontally gives it a slightlly blue tinnge. Tilting it vertically gives it a moiré pattern (like a rainbow). Most phones will show some effect if you're not looking straight on. (And if you wear polarized sunglasses, some phones will show a black screen in landscape or portrait.)
    03-06-2015 03:08 PM

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